Sunday, March 18, 2012

St. Patrick's Day I'm not 100% Irish.  I'm a mixed breed of German, Cherokee and a wee bit of Irish.  
This morning found me sleeping in late instead of the planned green eggs and ham breakfast I had planned.  Bret left with the rising of the sun to golf. Mom wasn't invited on this outing which was great as I am sleep deprived lately!  Not by choice, or work mind you...due to insomnia!  urggg.  Anyhoo-it was nice to see my daughter Stephanie posted her Irish breakfast and is carrying on a family tradition!  lol  I in the mean time found this adorable tee online and ordered it as I love anything to do with the word "wish".  It's a whole dandelion~full circle~obsession with me, really!    It's my contribution to celebrating St. Patrick's Day and more importantly knowing that today is the big day that my nephew Connor, puts his Eagle Scout project into full swing!   

 I sooooooo wish I was there to help him as they gleen the celery fields in South Florida today. I am so very proud of him and will anxiously await his update!!  

Now...staying with the ongoing theme of storms~  This is one I took as Jersey and I took refuge from the lightning.  Sorry, I just cant stand there like these people when it's bolting downward towards the ground and there is water all around me!!   

Below are pictures from yesterdays beautiful rainbow that God left in the sky.  It was stunning and my pictures just do not do it justice.  The orange glow was amazing!!!  

Isn't it just amazing the beauty God puts in our life.  Even in the midst of a storm.  
God is an artist along with so many other titles and I personally cannot wait to see his studio the day I arrive in Heaven!  :)    

We later enjoyed a great steak while watching Vanderbilt lose it's winning streak.  :(  It was a very disappointing last 1.9 seconds for me!  YET...I celebrate their victory of the SEC Tournament!! 
 They are still number one for me when it comes to college basketball!  
The drive home had us mesmerized by the electrical light show in the sky. Lightning from one end of the car windshield to the other.  Quite impressive!  The kids dropped me off and my day ended with power interruptions from the storms that refused to move south. Thank GOODNESS I have this laptop to keep me company in the dark!  

Thank You Lord Jesus for a beautiful, safe and healthy day today.  

  my prayer may not be Irish but it's honest! Oh and God, please wrap your arms around Lula and her family tonight extra tight. You welcomed her brother Charles home late last night and also for Meleah and Rick as they lost their beloved Max earlier in the week.  Thank you Lord for your Mercy and Grace.  I don't fully grasp why we have to endure the pain of life/death but I do know it makes me more accountable for each moment you give me! May I be a blessing of hope to others and a glimmer of light to someones darkest day by living in you and by your promise.  Amen

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