Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My Secret is Out!

When I had kids I always tried a bite of whatever it is they were eating.  Is that weird?  I've had people shake their heads in disbelief that I do that but I can't imagine not trying it. Well...since my youngest is 24 the baby industry has changed significantly  There are so many new "snacks" and "treats"  for the kiddos and I've recently become addicted to these mini fruit snacks by Gerber.  They are 100% freeze-dried with nothing added and they are delicious!  I find myself putting them in yogurt, sherbert, eating them plain and quite honestly not wanting to share any of them!!  LOL 
I've enjoyed others made by Sunkist and Mariana but they have preservatives.  They also are packed into much, much larger pieces (well the pineapples are) and theses little creations are so much easier to enjoy and put into about anything!  

anyway...these little cubes are delightful!  Even the Wal-mart brand is great!  My now grown children laugh at me and find it amusing that Mom buys baby snacks for herself. I told them that it's the whole life cycle thing, we start out as infants and revert backwards as we grow older...hahaha!!  

Note to Gerber:  Please make these in larger more economical bags!!  :)     

so...that's my secret and it's out...

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