Thursday, March 1, 2012

Jersey is ONE !

There are no words to express how much fun I had planning this party with Stephanie for Miss Jersey!  
It was a smashing success! 
 Following are just a few photos from her big day and a few of our ideas we took  from Pinterest!

 Jerseys first taste of anything sweet.  She loved Memes Strawberry Marshmallows!  
 Jerseys "Forever Candle Musicbox"  the candle actually blows out.

 Mommy suggest she touches the cake and her expression shows how she feels about her hands getting dirty!  

 Daddy decided to pitch in and show her how to do it!    

 I love this!  It's so Jersey!  Deep in thought and studying what's in front of her.  
She gets so serious!
This is her "will you please get this off of me look!"  

Now..Group picture...or!  
Trying to get them all together was a task! and I'm only posting a few of the attempts!   
Pay attention to Carson in the middle...He's stiff as a board!  
 one backwards, one being "cheesy", we're getting closer....
 Lost Carsons face when Jaxon took off behind Zoey.  Poor Payton (left of Carson looks so unhappy...)
 Major malfunction!  Zoey upset, Riley and Jersey to her rescue.  Lost Bella's focus....
Memes final attempt.  Whew...They were as difficult as the adults at Christmas and the Family Reunion!  lol

Opening Gifts:
 Jerseys first gift was 2 penguins from Don and Marichen.  
Uh oh...she loves penguins!  
 She kept turning around checking on her two new buddies!  It was so cute!  

 Yee-haw!  Riding on the caterpillar!  

 A new teaching puppy!  Yea!   She loves her first one!
 uh oh...just as she went to open it she hit her lip on the corner..   : (
 Her own kitchen with an apron like Mommys!  I see cupcake batter in the future here!

 Enjoying some time with Pop and Uncle Larry.  She's so tired and such a trooper!  

A few of our Pinterest creations:
 Strawberry flavored popcorn...yumm!
find the recipe at  
 Cupcakes to Go.  Okay,,,they're called Cupcakes in a jar, we called them Cupcakes to go because we knew early on some of the kids attending wouldn't be able to stay so we could send them home with one of these little babies!  They were very good!  
 My take on Mother-Jetts (my grandmother) Pink Salad.  A great family recipe that I slaughtered years ago...however my kids loved it so I make it both ways now!  lol
White Chocolate dipped Oreo and Pink Sugar Wafers
 Strawberry Marshmallows dipped in Milk Chocolate and rolled in sprinkles!  Jerseys loved hers!

 Coconut Puffs on Chocolate wafers and Pink Stripped Pretzels with White Chocolate

 mini cupcakes for the wee ones!  
 Jerseys "Crooked Cake" with gumballs
 Foam Banner made to fit in the cameras viewfinder!  We didn't like the great big long ones.

One Special Birthday Girl.  
One Special Day! 
Thank you Stephanie and Jamie for allowing MeMe to have so much fun creating!  
I love you all! plan Zoeys first party....ELEPHANTS ARE GONNA INVADE SMYRNA!  

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