Saturday, December 24, 2011

Remembering Bill Hall

Remembering Bill Hall

The first time I remember hearing Bill Halls voice was early 1974. There was a Tornado warning for the Donelson area and Mr. Hall specified the Opryland Area. We lived directly across the street from where the park use to stand. My step-mom had rallied us into the center of the house and raised all the windows.
The electricity kept going off and on, off and on. I was 10 years old and terrified of storms. The comfort of Mr. Halls voice brought my mom comfort which in turn help me remain calm.

For years each time a storm found its way to our area I would find myself turning to Mr Halls alert because of his calming voice. When I moved away from home I recall telling my mom I couldn't get use to the local news because Dan Miller and Bill Hall weren't in my region. It just never felt right.

Bill Hall, You have a mighty role to fill, up there in Heaven. You know He only calls the BEST home early! Rest well and enjoy those beautiful days of everlasting Sunshine!

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