Thursday, December 15, 2011

What is YOUR gift?  

Creating, Creating, Creating.  I'm was told I had to relax as my blood pressure has spiked twice tonight well over  202/ 112.  On the last check it was 158/104 so hopefully it's dropping.  ughhhh.  If the ears would stop ringing and the headache would stop then I'd be in tip-top shape!! anyhow...

As you know with me there is always a GOOD SIDE to everything...and the good side here is I get to sit in front of my computer and create with ALL these digital elements! This is my relaxation!  YIPPEE!  I miss having a group over at Cafe-mom and creating tags for the ladies there.  We use to share so much in testimony and fellowship.  After 3 years of planning, organizing and meeting new friends, the time had come where I needed to pass that opportunity on to someone else.   Honestly I couldn't dedicate myself to 6 hours a day online and that's what running an active group takes.  One day maybe I'll have the time to do that again.  Meanwhile I will continue to indulge myself for fun!!

Over the years I've seen more and more decorations that celebrate the true meaning of the Christmas.  I'm often convicted to use some of the elements I find online and some of those I create to honor our Lord Jesus.  Convicted sounds harsh but it's true.  If I can take the time to create and spend the money to purchase items to celebrate special events and holidays - then why on earth would I not celebrate the one who made this day possible?  Santa's, snowmen, trees, elves, gifts and the list goes on and's only right to rejoice and spread His love as well even on something so simple as a digital image.  Maybe this is my way of sharing His love with someone that doesn't know of Him personally.  Maybe this is a calling in a way to reach out to those that don't know or have never heard the name Jesus.  Maybe??'s not maybe...I'm certain it is. All one has to do is follow the flags on my homepage to see the many places my blog is already being seen and this is the new blog!  Use your matter how small or silly you may think it is!  He can and will use you!!

So here's just a few I managed to make over the last little bit. You are more than welcome to share these on your own personal blog but please do not use these in any commercial way as I do not own the rights to all of these.  A few I made the actual image, others I just managed to drag, drop and created text to add with them.  Enjoy my friends ~  

     Goodnight my friends.  Have a great nights sleep and remember HE IS THE REASON FOR THE SEASON!

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