Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Summary of My Trial Spinal Cord Stimulator

So, Removal of the implant was easy ~ breezy. A couple of stitches and Dr. Shute saying to me, "It will feel like a wet noodle." Very accurate description! Band~aid applied and I'm already feeling the pain return to my foot, immediately. Not as intense...but there regardless. Ugh, as we talk I'm dreading standing up! He is thrilled with my outcome and I tell him how I seriously debated not showing up for this removal!! teehee Amanda was there as well and she'll be supporting me with my getting the approval and procedure complete. She is such a sweetheart and her knowledge of her companys device is admired! I'm glad I've got her on my side! I'm seriously considering writing Boston Scientific and commend them on how valuable she is to their companys reputation here in Tennessee!

Downside number 1: Dr. Shute tells me he's accepted a position in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. He will not be here for the implant of the permanent stimulator! What? Nooooooooooo! I'm heartbroken. A physician with the bedside manner of Mother Teresa, yet firm as Sty Stallone and he's moving?!? I'm excited for him, don't get me wrong,,,yet,,,I feel like I'm starting all over.
To top it off the only physician that accepts my insurance in our area is in the same office as the physician I didn't care for. Just something about the fact that I only saw him once and my initial Trial was approved on March 9th but his office NEVER called until after March 20th. (I knew I'd been approved via my contact with the insurance company.) The fact that he only uses the Medtronic stimulator as opposed to the Boston Scientific stimulator is the deciding factor. I have done my research and I am not needing a total of 8 leads in my back that are not controlled independently. Anyhow...that is a separate blog on my reasons for choosing the brand.

Downside number 2: The pain relief was amazing. AMAZING! I've experienced the "other side" of chronic pain which is NO PAIN and I loved it. Now...to deal with being parked or very limited again is going to not only drive me crazy but drive those around me crazy! :P It exciting to know that their is relief beside pain medications, yet irritating to know that insurance companies would rather pay for multiple ER visits, addictive medications and morphine pumps before something that can give relief without such serious side effects! Maybe I have a calling in becoming a lobbist for changes I see and have encountered in our health care guidelines!

So...it's late Friday night and I've taken my first pain pill (percocet) since the SCS removal this morning. If there is one thing I have learned with pain...Don't wait until the pain is so severe that the medication doesn't help, yet, once you take it there is no driving and a you have that "drugged" feeling later.

Lord, I don't know why this "bump" has been placed in the road...but, it's there. May we together find a way to quickly get over or go around it. Might you place your warm hands on my heel as you've done oh so many times and give it some relief thus causing my back to calm down as well. May the ice packs stay cold until I can fall asleep and may morning be hours in the distance. P.S. Be with Dr. Shute as he accepts this new position and in his move to NC. Hummmm...maybe I need to visit NC for surgery!

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