Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Tat time

I am in love with an illustrator I've just found online.  Just this evening I was discussing with Bret how I wanted to add to my tattoo that I have on the back of my neck.  The one of my dandelion.  The one that represents his tours in Afghanistan and arriving home safely.  

It was a treasured time in my life that I cherish with Bret as I recall how he stopped in front of the tattoo shop in Hollywood, California on Hollywood Blvd and said, "Okay...we're here Mother!"   To this day he thought I would back out...but a promise is a promise and honestly I've grown to love it.  

I've been pondering for months how  I wanted to add to it.  Add another two dandelions for Larry and Stephanie and little parachutes to represent the granddaughters and a small dove in the air for Alyssa Kay.

Well...tonight I found the perfect dandelion!  I do mean perfect!  I'm ready to get in the car now and add to the little collection of art on my skin.  It's my personal space.  My way of  "engraving" them into my skin.  I hope it's okay to share her picture on here and give her rave reviews!!

the artist is Ingrid Sundberg at SundbergStudio

I'm so excited!! man here I come!  okay, a day or two!  
I'd love for the artist to sign this and allow me to obtain a copy to place in my scrapbook.  It's funny, I've also been looking for someone other than myself to illustrate my childrens book....looks like God may be showing me some things online tonight!  

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