Sunday, November 6, 2011

I've become a Pintrest-holic!!

Weekends are becoming very sacred to me.  You see I have Jersey-girl usually M-F and I'm at the Y after she goes home, so, my weekends have become my time to sneak and create while the kids aren't around!  lol!  I've created 6 fleece blankets, two hair-bow holders, 3 crayon canvas letters and the list is growing!!  Oh, and lets not forget the baby food jar Christmas trees that Steph and I worked on two nights this last week and the 5 sets of corn-hole boards Daddy and I have made!!   Whew...when I see it typed out in front of me I can see the progress I'm making!!
Seems everyone is really trying to get into the Spirit of Christmas by making homemade gifts this year and that's just so up my alley!!  For years I've been making homemade gifts but I'd also purchase the latest and greatest from the local retailers.  It's exciting to know that this holiday we will honor the true meaning of the Holidays without a bunch of retail hoop-la!  This is why I've become a Pintrest-holic and a blog walker!  SO much to find online!  Welp,,,I'm off to pick up some more Modge-podge and fleece fabric at Joanne's!
Happy crafting my friends!

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