Friday, October 19, 2012

Sharing some Fall Fun!

I'm in a Witchy kind of there a full moon??

It's Friday week before our 1st Annual Family Fall Festival and I'm burning up with a fever! 102!!ughhh...the really bad part is Pinterest keeps adding all these pins to my "to do" list and I've got no idea where I'm going to come up with the hours to create all these adorable things this week! much as I love're killing me!   You get my creative juices flowing and I seriously cannot stop!  It's time for an intervention!  How did I survive before Pinterest?  Martha, Michael's, Hobby Lobby and dare I share this secret....FAMILY MAGAZINE!!  Now, I've abandoned them all for you Pinterest..... had everything in the pantry to create these little MELTED WITCHES and my camera is flaking out on me.  It's quite sad how I came become bewildered over something like, not taking a photo of  my latest creation I've copied!  Maybe it's the fever!!    -right     I can guarantee photos will be taken next Saturday even if I have to resort to the Nikon that I just can't seem to grasp, it does, after all have an Auto-Mode.

Just so you know,  I  do have my face mask on and I've bathed in hand sanitizer up to my elbows. There is nothing worse than your body feeling like its been ran over by one of those paving machines....not that I know what that feels like exactally ..but hey...we all know I am a wuss when it comes to being ill!  I'm the caretaker, the caregiver, not the patient.  

Any-BOOOOOOO...sorry....I can only do this a couple of days out of the year to annoy the kids!  I can hear them now, "Mom? Really?"

I'm sooooo excited about our evening!  We have a long list of activities for the kids (around 22 are expected from ages 1-11)  and that should keep them busy for all of ....hummmm....two hours if we're lucky!  The one thing I've come to learn in dealing with families, children and party all in the same sentence.....Moms and Dads don't always participate so it's up to YOU to keep the kids entertained!  Kind-a sad when you think of it but I'm not going to run off in that direction.  I'll simply state this:  we all know someone that never seems to know where or what their child is doing and you wonder how does this child survive??   I guess that's the one reason I've always wanted to co-host/host events especially when it comes to the kids!  I love it!

 NOTE TO MY DAUGHTER: STEPHANIE & JAMIE..... THANK YOU BOTH FOR ALLOWING ME TO HELP HOST while yall supply the home, the $$, the guest, the parking and I just get to use my creativity!! This IS MY KIND OF PARTY!!

 I would rather spend an evening with the kids than with adults most any day and what's really odd about that is, as a kid I always wanted to be with the adults when it was allowed.  It use to kill me to play with other kids  when my parents had card night!  I wanted to be right in the middle of the adults!  is that weird??  please don't

Lets see....we have lined up so far,  Debbie, you'd be so proud of my lists!!!     : )

  • Pin the nose on the the Pumpkin.  (Velcro actually to avoid unnecessary accidents!)  
  • Find the Candy Corn in rice  (it's a feel and touch motor skill game for the little ones)
  • Fall Duck Pond (6 themed ducks in a $1.00 oil-pan tub/basin)
  • Create your own Pumpkin from Foam (ready to do sticky kit for $5.00)
  • Hidden Acorn Game (3 solo cups and a acorn) 
  • Skeleton Hands (Fill a latex glove with kettle corn to take home)
  • Corn Shakers (color, place stickers on an empty tissue roll and fill with rice, tape ends)  
  • Creepy Coffin Coloring table (a 50' roll of printed paper rolled out across an old table to color,stamps) 
  • Glitter Pumpkins  (roll a tiny pumpkin in fairy dust to take home)
I've GOT TO create one of these Caillou and Gilbert Pumpkins for the girls!!
  Thank you Repeat Crafter Me for this amazing idea!!  

Sound fun?  Oh I forgot the older kids will be guessing the amount of "Pumpkin Poop" in a large pumpkin and we're having a costume contest!  Whoooo peeeee!  Seriously, I am sooo excited!!

For prizes we have all sorts of things we've collected for the last year from clearance sales, books from kids meals (my mom and I buy kids meal...don't judge...)  stickers, rings, special straws, seasonal cups, pencils, more stickers, stamps for the wee ones and treat bags.

We're still trying to configure the whole voting with the costume thingy.  Do we judge all the kids together and do 4 trophies and 1 overall.  Lets see we have Most Unique, Scariest, Cutest, Funniest and the Overall being the most Awesome-ness we've seen....?   The judges are still out on how to judge....  Wish us luck on this one!

This is Jaylee-bugg a few years back...
she turned 10 this week!!

The food is going to be created by me in a very sterile kitchen if I don't get to feeling better or I'm having it catered!!  haha   My son, Larry has over 100 lbs of fresh catfish where he and Bret have fished this past summer.  Obviously we'll have a deep fryer off too itself where I'm sure all the men will gather.  If I'm as brilliant as I think I am then it's sure to be setup near the television with the SEC playing and talk of the days latest Tennessee Vols game against the South Carolina Gamecocks!  I'm pretty brilliant when it comes to football and my boys!  : )    I'm making 3 crock-pots of chili.  White Chicken Chili (Aunt Peggy's recipe)
My Chili and my not-so-famous but ever so popular HOT Chili!!  yummmmmmy     We thought about ordering pizzas but where's the fun in that?  That would be like gathering up the entire family and going to Shoney's for Thanksgiving Dinner!  Sorry Shoney's but some things should be done at home especially for a large group!

For dessert of course we will be having Little George's Eggnog Poundcake shaped like a pumpkin (sorry I can't share his recipe but found a great blog with one!  gotta try hers too!!) .   Love this one!!  It's even more special since Little George shared with me his recipe a few years back!

 Our table will also be filled with Pretzel Bones,Melted Witches,  Oreo Mummys, Pumpkin brownies, Pumpkin Fudge, Caramel Apples, Peanut Butter Buckeyes, Pumpkin Cheese Fondue, A Cider-Filled Pumpkin Keg and with a new Registered Dental Hygienist in the family we're having "Rotten Mouths" and finally for a real killer...."Dexter Slides".


After typing all this it seems that some magical potion has eased my discomfort and my boggled mind has come to it's senses.....I'M CALLING A CATERER!!  NOW!!

While we personally are not into celebrating Halloween with witches, horror and doom we are very excited to celebrate this time with family and welcome in fall with a little pixy dust, some runny noses, hand sanitizer and yep.....I will have a glass of Goblin Juice and we're not talking Welchs Grape!  : )   Thank you Middle Sister Wine for finding your place in Middle Tennessee!  Cold, dead, creeping bodies need a little REBEL RED to warm our bodies from time to time and wisk us back from the beyonnnnnd........on that's bedtime! more costume is "A SINGLE BALLOT" being that it's an election year and every single vote counts.....I'll be happy to cause some fun conversation for the night!! (cheesy grin)  

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