Thursday, August 2, 2012

So in lieu of the 4th event at The Christian Olympics here is my video.  

The challenge was:
 To write a worry on  piece of paper.
  Then destroy it.
Follow that by sharing a dream.
Video them and share.

As I was completing this event I was learning that my trials in life are like that "worry".  
While I may give it to God in prayer.  I don't destroy it.  I have a tendency to keep pulling it back and trying to "fix" it myself.  How can we expect God to be in control if we don't relinquish fully our cares to Him?   
In the future I am going to crumple, stomp, eat, burn, run over and yep...even flush away my troubles once I have asked God to take control.  He is officially going to be the pilot!!  
This also reminded me that when our problems get in our way we run to God, quickly!
How often do we run to him when seeking our dreams?  
  When facing triumph, victory or  when planning and dreaming of a lifelong goal we forget to give God the praise and glory.  We seem to think we can do it on our own.  Don't get me wrong.  I am guilty of praying and seeking Gods direction but again...I try to do it on my own wayyyy too many times.  
God is our greatest supporter!  He rallies for us to win!!  He finds joy in us reaching our goal! 

I wonder....
If God had a Customer Service Department how many more complaints He receives than  compliments!?     

Cast your worry, your problems all your troubles over to the Lord and destroy all thoughts of them.
as the saying goes:
Write your worries in the sand
Your dreams in stone!  

Goodnight to all you athletes!!

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Teresa Kline said...

thanks for sharing...we all need a reminder of who is in control....thank you for sharing! hope you have a wonderful week!

enjoy *~*

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