Saturday, March 19, 2011

MeMes Little Sweetie

I sit in amazement at this beautiful little person!  She is perfect.  Beautiful, wide-eyed and completely lovable!  I'm taken back looking at her to the days that her mom, my daughter, Stephanie was this little.  Life was so different 26 years ago.

My life.  It revolved around Big Larry, Little Larry and our beautiful newest addition whom we once called "Sissy".  Somehow over the years "Sissy" turned into "Ni Ni" and grew into a beautiful, hardworking, diligent and amazing woman!

I love these moments.  Moments when we are visited by memories or what other refer to as De-ja-vu.  I think these are Gods ways at reminding us we've done good.  His way of reminding us that the world does indeed go on until His great return.

Dear Lord,  Thank you.  Thank you for this precious miracle of life in Miss Jersey.  Thank you for allowing us to have this time together, she and I.  When she looks into my eyes and I know the road of life ahead will be full of questions, may I have the answers that will direct her in her path closer to you.  May I be the example I should be and can be.  May she only see you living through me.  Bless this child Lord.  Might I lay down my life for this blessing so that she may live if that need ever arise!

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